Friday, February 18, 2011

Superstar Rajinikanth: Entertainer of the Decade Year 2010

The actor Rajini was acting Tamil movie. Him latest film world wide hit "Enthiran".

NDTV Awarded: "Entertainer of the Decade Year 2010"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five People you Should Avoid Dating at Work

Things really can go mistaken when you become romantically involved with someone at your workplace - and what matters the most is who you're dating.

Eighteen percent said their workplace dalliance led them or their romantic partner to leave the company.

According to ABC News, here's a list of five people you should never date to ignore becoming one of these workplace-dating casualties.

1. The Intern

So much can go wrong when dating an intern, helper or any other underling that such temptations are best left alone.

2. The IT Guy or Gal

Nothing beats having your request for computer assistance increase to the top of the tech support queue. But fall out of grace with your technically inclined valentine and you'll have to endure the tech support call of digrace any time your computer has the hiccups.

3. The Boss

Throw sex, unrequited love and/or an ugly break-up into the collaboration and there's no telling how far your professional reputation could plummet.

4. The Boss's Spouse

Sleeping with a married co-worker is never a well idea. But sleeping with the boss's substantial other is nothing short of career suicide.

5. The Serial Dater

Cozy up to the office philanderer and you make yourself a prime direct for professional gossip and hostility.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Art on hand - Mehendi

Mehendi ” originated in Egypt? It was used was used to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs, prior to their mummification.

Mehendi, or henna, the mere refer of it, brings a smile on the countenance of little girls, brides, teens and even older women. It is a form of skin decoration prevalent in the Indian subcontinent.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take care when online - Safer Internet Day 8th February

Safer Internet Day 2011 is on 8th February. With our real lives now being played out on the virtual plane thanks to online shopping, social networking, reading the news and so on it is time to get wise. As you surf the Net, a true information superhighway, it is requirement to use commonsense. In fact, just as much as you use it in the real world.

Let's build a safe and responsible cyber world.

Ten commonsense resolutions to stay safe online


* to Cyberbullying. On cyberspace, victim's trauma is 24x7, hence trauma is multiplied.

* to weak passwords and password info sharing. We don't share our toothbrush, do we?

* to clicking on strange links or opening files sent by strangers It could be virus, junk, phishing scam, etc. Remember your parents said, “Don't accept toffees from strangers?”

* to meeting alone with friends made online. More foreign danger!

* to adding unwanted to your Friends List. On the Net, people aren't always who they say they are.

* to posting photos of yourself or sharing personal identifying information on the internet without first checking with your parents. The net is a global audience; don't forget the voyeuristic trend of human nature!

* to posting photographs of your friends without first taking their accept. It's basic human courtesy to ask before splashing their photographs in public spaces.

* to thoughtlessly created or embarrassing screen names and IDs. Can be very embarrassing when applying for college admission or a job!

* to thoughtlessly over-sharing feelings. You have no control over who all will read your postings and take advantage of your emotional vulnerability.

* to silently tolerating abuse messages / happenings on the net. If anything uncomfortable happens, do share with / report it to your parents or a trusted adult).