Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wish U Happy Christmas

Christmas is thus about God and Love

Christmas gifts need to come from the bottom of your heart Your heart needs to be an ocean filled with love like the ocean is filled with water all year - your heart needs to be filled with love all year it's Christmas time all year - time to make Christmas gifts all year - each day!

wish you and your family a happy Christmas and make your all days full of success and happieness

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why blocked nose distress food Taste

As anyone suffering during a head cold knows, food tastes wrong when the nose is congested, an experience that leads many to conclude that the sense of taste operates usually only when the olfactory system is also in excellent working order.

Evidence that the taste system influences olfactory perception, however, has been vanishingly rare—awaiting now. In a novel study this week in Nature Neuroscience, a Brandeis researcher details just such an influence.

Neuroscientist Don Katz and colleagues discovered that if the taste cortex in rats is inactivated when a rat first smells an odour, at least a food odour.

“We discovered that rats use their taste system to smell with, so when you knock out the taste cortex, yet for an hour, as we did, you alter their sense of smell".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Andaman seafood is Amazing Food

One of favorite food is seafood. Here is news you will love! Many different fish, crabs, lobsters and prawns exclusive to the Andamans are right here in the city.

Brought to you by Andaman Seafood, Nungambakkam, the variety also includes snappers, groupers, sea tiger prawns, live mud crab and Andaman oil shark (dog shark). The products are said to be airlifted in a cooled environment and repacked in the city, without adding preservatives.

The outlet also conducts sessions every month to educate consumers on the preparation of lobsters, cutting, including cleaning, and storage. In this sea food is good for health.

Friday, December 18, 2009

India: Swine (H1N1) flu Death Count 759

There seems to be no respite from the swine (H1N1) flu pandemic as it continues to take a toll with eleven deaths reported 18th December Thursday, swelling the national count to 759, according to an official statement released today friday.

While 2 deaths each were reported from Gujarat and Delhi during the day, reports of seven deaths that had occurred earlier were also confirmed the same day. Of these seven deaths, three had occurred in Delhi and 2 each in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Record of fatalities nationwide

Among all the states, Maharashtra continues to be the worst hit state wide, accounting for 247 deaths so far. Next to it is Karnataka, which has lost over 123 lives.

The total swine flu fatalities are 104 in Rajasthan, 64 in Gujarat, 52 each in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, 30 in Kerala, 24 in Haryana, 14 in Punjab, 10 in Uttarakhand, 7 in Tamil Nadu, 6 in Puducherry, 5 each in Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, 3 each in Uttar Pradesh and Orissa, and 2 in Chhattisgarh. One death each was also reported from Jammu, Madhya Pradesh & Kashmir and Mizoram.

Scientists find clues why H1N1 virus kills

To contain the deadly swine flu virus, scientists are carrying out studies to find out the exact reason why people infected with the lethal contagion develop an uncontrolled immune response resulting which they die.

Recently, they claim to have discovered high levels of a molecule called Interleukin 17 (IL-17) in the blood of those infected with H1N1.

They hypothesized that elevated levels of this molecule may be proving fatal for those who tested positive for swine flu.

Monday, December 14, 2009

India: Swine (H1N1) flu toll climbs to 92 in Pune

The Swine flu toll in the city rose to 92 after a 6 month pregnant woman succumbed to the H1N1 disease in a hospital here, health officials said today.

The woman died last night.

According to Dr Ashok Mehta, Joint Director, health, 10 more new fresh cases were detected in the city during the last 24 hours and the number of critical patients stood at 21 out of whom 8 needed ventilator support.

Various hospitals in the city admitted 33 new swine (H1N1) flu infected patients during this period, he said.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the winter Savai Gandharva music festival, a much awaited annual occasion held here attracting a galaxy of vocalists and lovers of classical music, have postponed the contest indefinitely in view of the Swine flu spread caused by overcrowding in public places.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate Change: Warmest decade on record in 2000-2009

The past ten years have been the warmest in recorded history, according to the UK Meteorological (Met) Office.

The UN climate talks in Copenhagen show despite 1998 being the warmest year on record, the noughties has been the warmest decade evidenced in 160 years.

In a split announcement, the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva said today that 2009 will be one of the ten warmest individual years recorded. The provisional figure for warming during the year is 0.44C above the long-term average of 14C.

According to the Vicky Pope, head of climate change suggestion at the Met Office, the figures “highlight that the world continues to see global temperatures rise, most of which is due to rising emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and clearly shows that the argument that global warming has stopped is flawed.”

The German research group Germanwatch, showed that Burma, Bangladesh and Honduras were the three countries the majority affected in the past 20 years by extremes of climate.

Also in the top ten were Vietnam, Haiti, Nicaragua, India, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and China.

Frequency rises

We can not attribute all extremes of weather to climate change but we are already recording an increase in intensity and frequency.

A 2C rise in temperatures is safe for some, but not for the poorest. A 1.5C rise gives a safer world for everyone, but there is a vast difference between the two.

Only 4 developed countries were in the top 20 of countries most prone to weather disaster: U.S. at 18, Spain at 14, Portugal at 14 and the Italy at 12.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate change: India not acting under pressure

COPENHAGEN: As delegates of 193 nations ongoing tough negotiations on a climate change deal here, India said it was not acting under pressure to help work out a fresh agreement and that it would stick to the fundamental elements of its position.

As for its decision to cut carbon emissions by 20-25 per cent by 2020, Prime Minister’s individual Envoy on Climate Change Shyam Saran said on 8th December, Tuesday the government was not acting under pressure from the international community. “We should be aware that there are certain fundamental elements that should not change. In terms of those fundamental principles, the Indian situate has been quite consistent,” he told PTI.

According to him, the fundamental elements are the principle of general but differentiated responsibility; the legally binding quantitative emission reduction target resting on the urbanized nations, not on the developing nations; and mitigation action taken voluntarily by the developing nations should be backed by financial resources and technology.

The Climate Change effects Water level is rising

More than half of the world's population have made their home in coastal regions.

For many low-lying areas, scientists warn that the coming century is likely to see sea level rise that will change the shape of coastlines around the globe.

While industrialised nations are able to spend billions on flood protection schemes, many small island nations are at risk of disappearing beneath the waves.

But by how much will the waters rise in the coming century, and what are the factors driving the increase?

One of the latest assessments suggest that sea levels are likely to rise by about 1.4m (4ft 6in) globally by 2100 as polar ice melts.

A major review of climate change in Antarctica by an international team of researchers said that warming seas were accelerating melting in the west of the continent.

Indeed, the continent's largest portion, East Antarctica, appears to have cooled, bringing a 10% increase in the sea ice extent since 1980.

Other observers project a global average sea level increase of about one metre by 2100.

But there is a scientific consensus that the IPCC's 2007 projection of 43cm was too conservative.

for more info

The world map is heating slide show -

Sunday, December 6, 2009

India: Swine(H1N1) flu Claims Three more in Ahmedabad City

AHMEDABAD: 4 people died of H1N1 flu in the city on 5th December Saturday. Three of the victims were from Gujarat, which includes a young pregnant mother, while one case was from Rajasthan. The patients had come to Civil Hospital in the last 3 days. The official state death form stands at 48 till now and 333 people have been tested positive.

The 3 who died in Civil Hospital were Makshree Bhojraj, 21, a pregnant lady from Mundra in Kutch, Govind Raval, 27, from Palanpur and Virja Ramesh, 35, from Botad.

Three of the 4 new fresh patients who were tested positive in the last two days in the state had refused to stay in hospitals in Rajkot, Palanpur and Vadodara and come to Civil Hospital. What has surprised medical officials is that these H1N1 positive patients had come in contact with more people while coming to Ahmedabad.

Winters have been a worry for health authorities for a long time and it is the second onslaught of H1N1 virus that authorities are worried about. With marriage season and the influx of NRIs into the state, officials have previously pressed the alarm button.

In Ahmedabad a large number of swine flu victims -- 83% noticed since July 11 -- were between 13 and 45 years. As many as 112 people tested positive in various parts of the city while the city recorded its most cases in the posh new west zone.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Courtallam: Heavy rain forecast till Thursday

Kutrallam Main Falls

Since Tenkasi and Shencottai taluks registered good rainfall on December 2nd Wednesday and continue Thursday also.

All waterfalls at Courtallam were flowing dangerously for the second consecutive day, causing floods in the Chittaar River.

The people not allowed to path for kutrallam main falls and five falls.

Main falls water flowing heavily above the arch.

Aintharuvi (Five Falls)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Karthikai Deepam and Tiruvannamalai Kovil Festival

Today it is Kovil Thiru Karthigai and Thiru Annamalai Deepam. This festival is celebrated mainly in TamilNadu. The festival is celebrated on Poornima ( full moonday) of the tamil month Karthigai. This year Karthigai thepa thiruvila Oil lamps of all shapes and sizes are lit all over the house and the front yard in the evening. Karthikai Deepam is one of the oldest festivals celebrated by the Tamil people.

Karthigai festival in Tiruvannamalai hills is very famous. On Karthigai day, a huge fire lamp is lit up on the hill, visible for several kilometers around the hill. The fire (dheepam) is called Mahabharanidheepam, Hindu devotees visit here and pray to god Shiva.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you worry about the same thing other girls do?

  • Why am I taller than most of the boys my age?

  • Why haven’t I grown any?

  • Am I too skinny?

  • Am I overweight?

  • Why is my weight going up and down?

  • Am I normal? Will others like me now that I am changing?

  • My breasts are too small.

  • My breasts are too large

  • Why am I so emotional?

  • Why am I getting pimples?

  • Do my clothes look right on my body?

  • That new dress style doesn’t fit me – my friends won’t think I’m cool.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Technologies to harvest uranium from sea

Uranium in trace quantities is present in soil, rock and water. Bounteous nature leaves about 4.5 billion tonnes of uranium in sea water, a thousand times more than what is known to exist in uranium mines. Since its concentration is extremely low (only one particle of uranium for 34 million particles of other elements), harvesting uranium from sea is a formidable task.

Japanese technology

Japan developed a technology by using plastic sheets to which amidoxime, which is capable of selectively absorbing uranium from seawater, is grafted by high energy electron beam irradiation.

Scientists from the Desalination Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre recovered uranium at milligram levels from sea water using electron beam grafted amidoxime.

Underwater farm

Tanada asserts that Japan’s nuclear power industry can harvest the 8,000 tons it needs annually from the Kuroshio Current that flows along Japan’s eastern seaboard.

Japanese researchers found out that they can harvest uranium from sea by cultivating genetically engineered gulfweed which will grow in sea at an unbelievable rate of two metres an year. The weed selectively soaks up heavy metals including uranium.

article source:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rescued budgerigars : Birds are Saety in House

CHENNAI: The squawking of Alexandrine Parakeets fills the 20x12 room at a house in suburban Thillai Ganga Nagar, while other smaller birds make an equal effort to attract visitors with their calls. Welcome to the Dax Memorial Animal Rehabilitation and Resource Centre.

The centre currently houses 50 birds of various species, which have been rescued by people and handed over to an animal welfare organization. The founder of the centre, Ranjit Daniels, says that the idea of rescuing birds ongoing in a small way nearly eight years ago and the centre has now turned into a full-fledged home for rehabilitating birds chased by dominant ones such as crows. Chicks of different birds that fall from their nests and others rescued by people also find a place.

The rescued birds are mostly released into forest areas suitable for them. Newly, a pair of barn owls, which came as chicks to the centre, was released into the Nanmangalam forests.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Attractions of Tirunelveli Tourist Places

Swamy Nellaiappar Temple & Kanthimathi Ambal Temple
The temple of Nellaiappar and Kanthimathi is situated in the centre of the town and at a distance of 2 km. from the Railway station. The very name of the town, Tirunelveli which was known in the past as Then Pandyanagaram is a part of the town which has developed around the temple of Nellaiyappar.


60 kms away from Tirunelveli town, at the foot of the Pothigai Hills lies the curative Courtallam. It is the summer resort of 1000 of middle class people who could not afford an Ooty or Kodaikanal. For more tourist places in kutrallam.


42 kms away from Tirunelveli town, on the western slopes of the Pothigai Hills, there is a holy place called Papanasam. Legend has it that Siva and Parvathi appeared before Agasthiyar at a spot near the Papanasam falls.

About 13 km away is Krishnapuram. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Some breathtakingly beautiful life size sculptures carved with great intricacy adorn the temple.

Kalakkadu Wild Life Sanctuary

This Sanctuary located 47 kms away is a naturalist’s delight. Tigers, panthers, Jackals and wild dogs can be seen roaming in this hilly forest. Lion-tailed macaquse can be spotted here.


Srivaikuntam, 27 kms away from Tirunelveli, is one of the Nava Tirupathis visited and commemorated in song by the great saint Nammazhwar. It is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its lofty tower and the Tiruvenkata Mudaliyar mandapam rich with sculptures of yazhis, elephants and warriors are worth seeing.

56 kms away is Sankarankovil. This unique temple is dedicated to Sankaranarayana who is the combined manifestation of Siva and Vishnu. There are two other shrines dedicated to Siva and Parvathi. Twice a year, the sun rays fall on the pedestal of the temple.

Kasi Viswanthar Temple
The Visvanathar Temple and the Tenkasi town were constructed by King Parakrama Pandya, who styled himself as Jatilavarman Tribhuvana Chakravarthi Arikesarideva Ponnin Permal, Parakrama Pandyan in his inscriptions.

Mundanthurai wild life sanctuary
Situated 55 kms away from Tirunelveli, these sanctuary fonts an area of 567 sqkms.This sanctuary is a Project Tiger area, so one might well be rewarded with a glimpse of this magnificent beast. Trekking is allowed with prior permission from the forest department.

Birds Sanctuary at Koonthankulam

A tiny village in the far south, Koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District is emerging as a new favourite of the migratory birds. It is just 38 Kms. away from Tirunelveli and is in the nearby Nanguneri Taluk. It may soon be catapulted into the list of popular water bird sanctuaries in the country.

Manjolai - Hill Station

Manjolai is 57 km away from Tirunelveli and is at an elevation of 1162 sq. metre. There are many tea plantations in and around this place. Bombay Burma Tea estate is famous one in this area. About 4000 people are working in these tea plantations. Manjolai is noteworthy for the climate, scenery and calm atmosphere.

48 kms away from Tirunelveli is Tiruchendur, one of the 6 abodes of Lord Muruga. Situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal Sea, the temple draws a perennial stream of devotees. For more info about tiruchendur kovil

85 kms away from Tirunelveli is Kanyakumari which lies at the southern most tip of India where the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Sea of the Bay of Bengal meet. The temple of Kanyakumari, Gandhi Memorial, Rock memorial of Vivekananda and the gigantic statue of Tiruvalluvar are worth seeing, as well as the spectacular sun rise and sunset which attracts tourists from all over the country. For more information about kanyakumari

Tirunelveli Map

Thursday, November 12, 2009

India's Swine (H1N1) flu Deaths toll 514, over 15,000 affected

6 swine flu deaths, including two each from Rajasthan and Gujarat, were reported on 12th November Thursday, pushing the total toll to 514 in
India, health authorities said here.

Also, a record 154 fresh cases were reported in the country, taking to 15,016 the total number of people affected with the contagious flu.

Apart from the 2 deaths on Thursday each in Gujarat and Rajasthan, one death each was registered in the national assets and Maharashtra.

The total in Rajasthan has now touched 21, while it is 42 in Gujarat. In Delhi, the deaths have now left up to 18.

However, Maharashtra continues to report the maximum number of deaths in the country. With Thursday's death, the state's figure has gone up to 210. The state also records the highest number of people - 3,778 - precious with the virus.

Till date (13th November), samples from 78,002 people have been tested for Influenza A (H1N1) flu in government laboratories and a few private laboratories across the country, and 15,016 of them have been originate positive..

Of the total hundred and fifty four cases reported Thursday, 32 alone were from the Indian capital. With these figures, the total number of people affected with the flu in the national capital has gone up to 3,702.

New fresh cases were also reported from Rajasthan (49), Kerala (16), Tamil Nadu (13), Maharashtra (10), Karnataka (5), and Andhra Pradesh (1).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kutralam falls now good season water flowing heavily

Since Tenkasi and Shencottai taluks registered good rainfall on November 8th Sunday and Monday also, Collector visits flooded areas.

He also ordered the transport corporation officials to control a couple of buses from the schools to the real destinations till the rain recedes.

All waterfalls at Courtallam were flowing dangerously for the sixth consecutive day, causing floods in the Chittaar River.

Villagers of Keezhapuliyoor were taking efforts to save the irrigation tank in their hamlet from a possible breach as it was brimming with water.

While 10 houses in Tenkasi taluk suffered extensive damage due to the rains, three houses in Shencottai taluk were damaged.

Though sporadic drizzle continues to drench the district for the past few days following a low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, only 319 of the 2,000-odd irrigation tanks – both systemised and non-systemised – in the district had reached the maximum storage levels while 214 other tanks had got only 75 per cent water.

Tirunelveli, Gadana and Ramanadhi dams reached their maximum storage level of 85 feet and 84 feet respectively on Sunday evening, the surplus water of 21,000 cusecs was discharged from the reservoirs.

When the rainwater from the forest areas of Western Ghats and the plains entered the Tamirabharani, the quantum of surplus water entering the perennial river rose to 30,000 on Sunday night.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Water level in Papanasam Dam Reach 100 feet mark

Even as Sivagiri in the district received 237 mm rainfall on Saturday, water level in Papanasam Dam, one of the three main reservoirs here, crossed the 100 feet mark on 7th November Saturday evening, bringing cheers among the farmers.

Sivagiri and Sankarankovil, which hitherto failed to register major rainfall after the northwest monsoon set in a week ago, experienced heavy rainfall on Saturday. However, the downpour damaged more than 25 houses in these two taluks in the past 24 hours that ended with 8 a.m.

Water level in Papanasam Dam crossed 102.70 feet on 8th November Sunday evening while Servalar Dam had 128 feet water. Manimuthar Dam water level stood at 91 feet on 8th November Sunday evening.

When the residents of Kalakkad blocked traffic on Sunday demanding pressing compensation to the damaged houses, the police and revenue officials came to the spot and pacified the protestors with the assurance that relief measures would be taken immediately.

Waterfalls at Courtallam are still flowing dangerously and tourists were prevented from taking bath. Kutralam more water coming in the falls, but rain decreases on 9th November Monday morning.

Water level in the dams (in feet) are: Papanasam – 102.70, Manimuthar – 91, Servalar – 128, Gadana – 83, Ramanadhi – 82, Karuppanadhi – 70.21, Gundar – 36, Adavinainar – 96.50, Vadakku Pachchaiyaar – 29, Nambiyar – 10.95 and Kodumudiyar – 42.

Rainfall in the district
(in mm): Sivagiri – 237, Sankarankovil – 98, Papanasam – 60, Manimuthar – 56, Shencottai – 51, Aayikudi – 26.60, Tenkasi – 23, Nanguneri – 20, Palayamkottai – 18.20, Alangulam – 16, Tirunelveli and Radhapuram – 14 and Ambasamudram – 11.

Tamirabharani river

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sri Madurai Meenakshi Amman Kovil Photos

It is Excellent pictures of Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple Photos.

Overview of Meenakshi Amman Kovil

Potramarai Kulam

West Gopura of Madurai Meenakshi Temple

Map view of Meenakshi kovil

Thousand Pillar

Entering Madurai Meenakshi Temple

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hotels in Tenkasi, Tirunelveli

Here some list of famous star hotels in tenkasi and tirunelveli. Its veg and non veg restaurant hotels.

Krishna Tourist Home (P) Ltd
(Hotels - Tenkasi)

2 Bus Stand Road TENKASI-627811. Phone: 04633-323226

Season Hotel (Hotels - Tenkasi)

78 Courtallanathar Road Tenkasi-627811. Phone: 04633-322650

Aravindh Restaurant (Veg) (Hotels - Tenkasi)

1/51 Madurai Rd TENKASI-627811. Phone: 04633-380174

Hotel Anand (Hotels - Tenkasi)
116 A/7 CRT Road Tenkasi-627811. Phone: 04633-323068

Hotel Shah (Hotels - Tenkasi)

Bus Stand Road Senkottai-627809. Phone: 04633-333288

Hotel Tamilnadu (Hotels - Tenkasi)

Contact: MANAGER
8 Ramalayam Colony Courtallam-627811. Phone: 04633-322663

Rose Hotel (Hotels - Tenkasi)

16 Adaikalapattam-627804. Phone: 04633-350595

Hotel Thavamani (Hotels - Tenkasi)

62 Bus Stand Road TENKASI-627811. Phone: 04633-322627

Hotel Prabu (Hotels - Tenkasi)

Contact: ALAGAR
Near Anna Statue Surandai-627859. Phone: 04633-361539

Aachees Non-Veg Restaurent (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

10-B Tvm Rd Vannarpet-627003. Phone: 0462-502287

Anbu Hotel (Hotels - Tirunelveli)
21 S N High Road-627001. Phone: 0462-331486

Barani Hotels (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

29 Madurai Road-627001. Phone: 0462-333234

Bethel Boys' Home (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

Near Police Colony Santhi Nagar-627002. Phone: 0462-540729

Hotel Aravindh (Hotels - Tenkasi)

1/51 Madurai Road Tenkasi-627811. Phone: 04633-323236

Hotel Arunagiri (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

59-B Madurai Road-627001. Phone: 0462-334553

Hotel Blue Star (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

36 Madurai Road-627001. Phone: 0462-334495

Hotel Jony International (P) Ltd (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

264 V E Road TUTICORIN-628003. Phone: 0461-328350

Hotel Sakunthala International (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

Trivandrum Road Vannarpet-627003. Phone: 0462-500002

Hotel SeethaLakshmi (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

Contact: MUTHIAH E
A-1 St. Thomas Road Maharaja Nagar-627011. Phone: 0462-572740

Hotel Semmeen And Lodging (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

Hotel Guru Abbiramy Complex-627001. Phone: 0462-330943

Hotel Vasantham (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

31 Madurai Road-627001. Phone: 0462-322523

Kumara Vilas
(Hotels - Tirunelveli)

142 North Car Street-627006. Phone: 0462-333189

Priyam (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

182 E/5 S N High Road-627001. Phone: 0462-335577

Sri Gowri Sankar Hotel (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

20 S N High Road-627001. Phone: 0462-334732

Sri Janakiram Hotels (P) Ltd (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

30 Madurai Rd-627001. Phone: 0462-331941

Venkateswara Hotel (Hotels - Tirunelveli)

Contact: KUTTI
67B/1 Main Road Vallioor-627117. Phone: 04637-521910

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kids will need two doses of Swine(H1N1) flu Vaccine

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Up to 30 million doses of vaccine against the pandemic H1N1 flu have been delivered to the U.S. government and production is now picking up, officials said on Monday.

But they said more studies confirm that children under the age of 9 will need two doses to be fully protected.

And studies in pregnant women, one of the groups most vulnerable to swine flu, show no indication of side effects from the vaccine.

The U.S. government is working to make vaccines and drugs available to fight the pandemic while countering fears about safety and criticisms that officials were too optimistic in predicting how quickly the vaccine would be ready.

Original predictions suggested that at least 80 million doses should have been delivered to state health departments, clinics and retailers by now and a few politicians have complained.

Lines have formed as people seek the vaccine for themselves and their children to protect against the virus, which has killed at least 1,000 Americans and infected an estimated 5 million.

"Over time, we expect that supply will start to increase and eventually catch up with the tremendous demand that we are seeing now," Dr Anne Schuchat of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a news briefing.

"As of today, 30 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine are available for the states to order." That is a cumulative amount -- CDC had 26.6 million doses of vaccine available on Friday.

"We know that about half the vaccine that has been administered so far has been to children under 18," Schuchat said. Unlike seasonal flu, which is most dangerous to the elderly, swine flu is hitting younger adults and children especially hard.

Clinical trials being run by the government confirm that children under age 9 need two doses of the swine flu vaccine -- optimally four weeks apart -- to be fully protected.

Last week the World Health Organization said governments might consider giving a single dose to as many children as possible, but Dr Anthony Fauci of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the scientific data showed it is important to get children vaccinated twice.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Guru Nanak’s 540th birthday

HYDERABAD: Devotion and offering of prayers marked the end of the three-day celebration of Sri Guru Nanak Devji 540th birth anniversary on 2nd november Monday.

The events for the concluding day was equally organized under the aegis of Prabhandak Committees, Gurudwara Saheb Secunderabad and Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha, Ashok Bazar where thousands Sikh devotees and people of other communities too participated in the ‘Vishaal Keertan Darbar’ (mass congregation) by offering prayers to Guru Granth Sahibji (holy scripture of Sikhs) at NTR Stadium, near Indira Park.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Kovil Temple

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple (மீனாட்சி அம்மன் கோவில்) is a historic Hindu kovil located in the holy city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The kovil forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500 year old city of Madurai.

The complex is in around 45 acres (180,000 m2) and the temple is a massive structure measuring 254 by 237 meters. The temple is surrounded by 12 towers, the tallest of which, the famous Southern tower, rises to over 170 ft (52 m) high.

The main important festival associated with the temple is the Meenakshi Thirukalyanam (The divine marriage of Meenkashi) that is celebrated in April every year.

Like most Shakti temples in Tamil Nadu, the Fridays during the Tamil months of Aadi (July 15 - Aug 17) and Thai (Jan 15 to Feb 15) are popularly celebrated with thousands of devotees thronging to the temple. In every Tamil math am some festival occasions will happen in the temple like Aavani Urchavam, Maarghazi Urchavam, Navaraathri, etc.

Attractions :
Gopura - The Gopuras (Pramidal gates) exceedsmore than 50 meter in height.

Ashta Shakthi Mandapam - The Mandapam (Hall) stands at the beginning of eastern gateway.
Meenakshi Nayakkar Mandapam - This spacious hallis located adjacent to Ashta Shakthi Mandapam, used for shops and stores.The hall has 110 pillars, which are carved with the images of a peculiar animal.
Potramariakulam (Golden Lotus Tank ) - The Potramariakulam tank is an ancient tank, where devotees take bath. It is said that the area around the tank was the meeting place of the Tamil Sangam- the ancient academy of Tamil poets.

Oonjal Mandapam - The Oonjal (Swing) Mandapam is situated on the western side of the Potramariakulam tank. The 28 pillars of the mandapam, exhibit interesting sculptures of images from Hindu mythology.

Swami Sundareswarar Shrine - Swami Sundareswarar Shrine is situated to the north of Kilikoontu Mandapam. In the corridoroutside the main shrine, there is a stump of the Kadamba tree.
The Thousand Pillar Mandapam - In this Mandapam there are 985 beautifully decorated columns. The monument of the Dravidanart houses a Temple Art Museum, where you can see idols, photographs,drawings, etc

Vasantha Mandapam (Pudhu Mandapam) - Built by Thirumalai Nayakkar the mandapam is famous for Vasanthosavam - the Spring festival, celebrated in Vaikasi (April-May).

Kilikatti Mandapas - The mandapa was built in1623 and derives its name from the fact that there are parrots in a cagehere.

Madurai has 4 main bus-stands.

Periyar Bus stand - Exclusive local bus terminal, about 5 minutes walk from railway station. Commonly referred as "Periyar".

Shopping Complex bus stand - Right opposite to Periyar bus stand, often referred by the same name. Private inter-city buses depart from here.

Arapalayam bus stand - Some local buses and those bound west/northwest towards Theni, Dindigul, Coimbatore, Palani, Kodaikanal, Salem, Erode, Batlagundu or Vaththalakundu, Periyakulam depart from here.

Mattuthavani Integrated bus stand - Simply called Mattuthavani, and located in the outskirts about 10 km from Periyar bus stand. This is the location for long distance government buses and other places. Private buses also stop here.
All bus-stands are interconnected by buses or you can hire an auto.

Accessibiltiy :

As the temple is located in Madurai, so it is easily accessible from all parts of the country. Temple is near to Madurai railway station. Madurai is well- connected by Air, Rail and Road with major cities if the country.

Air - Madurai airport is 10 Kms from the city andis connected by air with Mumbai and Chennai.

Rail - Madurai railway station has direct connections with Bangalore (385 Kms), Coimbatore (227 Kms), Cape Comorin (235 Kms), Chennai (444 Kms), Rameshwaram (152 Kms), Thanjavur (158 Kms) and Tiruchirappalli (142 Kms).

Road - Madurai is connected with good motorableroads with all parts of South India.
The distance of important towns from Madurai are Bangalore (385 Kms),Chennai (444 Kms), Coimbatore (227 Kms), Cape Comorin (235 Kms), Kodaikanal(120 Kms), Periyar (160 Kms), Ooty (325 Kms), Rameshwaram (152 Kms), Tanjore(158 Kms), Trichy (142 Kms) and Trivandrum (264). From the city bus stands buses, taxis, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are available to reach thetemple.

Accomodation :

To visit the temple, the best place to stay are hotels across Madurai city. There are several hotels ranging from 5 star to budget hotel. The well equipped hotels offer a pleasant stay to guests. Famous hotels of Maduraiare Taj Garden Retreat (5 Star), GRT Residency (3 Star), Hotel Germanus (3Star), Hotel Sangam (3 Star), Hotel International, Hotel Supreme and Hotel MR International etc.

Map view Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fantasy Halloween Health and Safety Tips

Oct. 31, 2009

The observance of Halloween, which dates back to Celtic rituals thousands of years ago, has long been associated with images of witches, ghosts, devils and hobgoblins. Over the years, Halloween customs and rituals have changed dramatically. Today, many of the young and young at heart take a more light-spirited approach. They don scary disguises or ones that may bring on smiles when they go door to door for treats, or attend or host a Halloween party.

Health and Safety Tips

For many people, autumn events like Halloween and Harvest Day are fun times to dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating, attend parties, and eat yummy treats. These events are also opportunities to provide nutritious snacks, get physical activity, and focus on safety. Below are tips to help make the festivities fun and safe for trick-or-treaters and party guests.

Going trick-or-treating?

Swords, knives, and similar costume accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.

Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you.

Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before eating them. Limit the amount of treats you eat.

Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and others see you.

Always test make-up in a small area first. Remove it before bedtime to prevent skin and eye irritation.

Look both ways before crossing the street. Use established crosswalks wherever possible.

Lower your risk for serious eye injury by not wearing decorative contact lenses.

Only walk on sidewalks or on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe.

Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

Eat only factory-wrapped treats. Avoid eating homemade treats unless you know the cook well.

Enter homes only if you're with a trusted adult. Otherwise, stay outside.

Never walk near lit candles or luminaries. Be sure to wear flame-resistant costumes.

Expecting trick-or-treaters or party guests?

  • Provide healthier treats for trick-or-treaters, such as individual packs of raisins, trail mix, or pretzels. For party guests, offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses.
  • Use party games and trick-or-treat time as an opportunity for kids to get their daily dose of 60 minutes of physical activity.
  • Be sure walking areas and stairs are well-lit and free of obstacles that could result in falls.
  • Keep candle-lit jack-o’-lanterns and luminaries away from doorsteps, walkways, landings, and curtains. Place them on sturdy tables, keep them out of the reach of pets and small children, and never leave them unattended.
  • Remind drivers to watch out for trick-or-treaters and to drive safely.